Sprook is a video game about exploration, mystery, and language. The player controls a teenager who has travelled to Sweden to meet up with their friends, but everything doesn’t go as planned. The players dog goes missing, and this is where the game truly begins, with our player having to discover what happened to their dog.

The core gameplay loop consists of walking around Stockholm, and doing tasks related to studying Swedish. These tasks range from choosing the right alternative, to playing an arcade game where one has to shoot the correct meteor. The game will also include side quests that can be done by the players own choosing. They will include more ”standard” tasks that could be found in any video game.

The game will also include functionality for the teachers. We are planning to have a system that allows for the teachers to see how well their students are progressing in the game, and to allow for the students to evaluate themselves on their progress

Our goal is to create a game that is not just another teaching ”game”, but an actual experience that the students are willing to play without being told to by their teacher. This game could be implemented for example in special education, or to help give more advanced students something interesting and fun to do.

Some alpha gameplay